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Double chic.

 This Style Story is not only about one but two inspiring, gorgeous and successful young women: Birte Solomon and Bianca Winter.

In spring 2015 Bianca and Birte founded their company SOLOMON | WINTER and brought all their experiences and passion for art buying, casting and photo production together.

I met the two in their new office in Hamburg and talked about fashion mistakes, beauty and their love for beautiful things. The interview was a blast.

Birte and Bianca have so much humor despite their long working hours. (And I really would like to have seen Bianca in her tribal tattoo t-shirt!)


1. Why is this top your favorite from 7 Chic Avenue?

Bianca: It gives me the special chic in every situation. Combined with used blue jeans it is just cool chic. Combined with a pencilskirt I feel comfortable and still me, meeting a client. It is furthermore timeless chic.

Birte: It is a sophisticated and timeless piece.


2. When do you wear it?

Bianca: See above.

Birte: Anytime. It can be combined with cool jeans for a business lunch or with a skirt for an occasion in the evening.


3. What is your favorite accessory?

Bianca: The strong and protecting arms of my dear darling Noah and my vintage Chanel.

Birte: My vintage silver bracelet made out of mexican silver coins, my mother has worn in the 70s.


4. What is your most important piece of make-up?

Bianca: Definetely my black eyeliner.

Birte : My magic shiseido eyebrow powder.


5. What is most important to you, when you decide what to wear? / When you choose an outfit? 

Bianca: I have to feel it. Sometimes I love wearing a dress, sometimes I am just not in the mood.

Birte: It has to fit the situation, from blue jeans with sneakers for an afternoon with my kids to my black dress worn with heels.

6. What is your favorite item in your wardrobe?

Bianca: My Burberry trench and my black louboutins.

Birte: My Chanel 2.55


7. Your biggest fashion mistake?         

Bianca: A Jean Paul Gaultier shirt that I have bought in Paris in the 90s, where you have funny tribal tattoos printed on the  sleeves that  shall pretend to be real.

Birte: My leopard hat combined with snakeprinted ballerinas, combined with a Frida Karlo mexican bag.


8. What is the first thing you check, when you look in a mirror?

Bianca: My lipstick.

Birte: My hair.


9. What is your best styling advice?

Bianca: Less is more! Buy classy things and care about them. They will be your friends for a long time then!

Birte: Be unique, but be yourself!


10. What top are you missing in your wardrobe?

Bianca: Silk blouses in every color.

Birte: Oh I have been dreaming of a tribal tattoo Jean Paul Gaultier top for a very long time.


Watch the video and enjoy a glimpse into the beautiful world of SOLOMON | WINTER:

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