Claudia Nerger


Inspiring. Creative.  Successful.

 Inspiring. Creative.  Successful.

These are the words, that come to your mind when you meet Claudia Nerger. Her life and her passion is photography. She started her career as a photographer. Then she studied marketing and communication and worked 14 years as an art buyer for different agencies until she opened her own agency NERGER M&O. She represents international photographers, and in this role she can bring all her experiences in art buying and business and her passion for photography together. One understands why Claudia says „it’s the best job in the world“ for her. She is always looking for promising new talent, but still represents eight photographers with whom she has worked with since the very beginning. “We had so many joint experiences and reached a lot together. That makes me proud,” she says. And as if all this was not enough Claudia also publishes the amazing photography magazine 10”, is mother of two children and the small poodle Otto and organizes lots of exhibitions and events at her agency. We talked to Claudia about her favourite 7 Chic Avenue top, styling and more!


1. Why is this top your favorite from 7 Chic Avenue?

.. I love the blouses with the bow in all colours. They are so chic!


2. When do you wear it?

.. For example for the next photographers exhibition.


3. What is your favorite accessory?

.. My Smile-T-Necklace from Tiffany and Otto, my tiny poodle.


4. What is your most important piece of make-up?

.. Eyebrow pencil.


5. What is most important to you, when you decide what to wear? / When you choose an outfit?

.. It should be elegant, cool and comfortable.


6. What is your favorite item in your wardrobe?

.. Definitely jewelry and perfume.


7. Your biggest fashion mistake?

.. Too high and uncomfortable shoes.


8. What is the first thing you check, when you look in a mirror?

.. How my expression is. If it is stressed, I take a deep breath and eat a piece of chocolate.


9. What is your best styling advice?

.. Find out what type you are.


10. What top are you missing in your wardrobe?

.. The Ingrid blouse in all other colours.

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