Gisa Narracott



 I met with Gisa in her impressive 500m2 Chandelier Showroom in Hamburg. Murano glass, Baccarat, Swarovski are competing for the attention of your eye – the amount of “bling” is endless. More than 200 Fine Luxury Chandeliers from Europe’s finest manufacturers and brands are lightening the beautiful loft. 46 year old and mother of two daughters Gisa runs her lighting brand “LIGHTCOUTURE” with her partner. From its showroom and website “LIGHTCOUTURE” sells chandeliers all over the world to both private and commercial clients. It all began years ago in London with Gisa discovering a passion for Chandeliers through an old friend and later business partner. Today her showroom is the largest of its kind in Europe.


more styling-inspiration...

1. Why is this top your favorite from 7 Chic Avenue?

.. It’s chic, practical, versatile and easy to travel with…


2. When do you wear it?

.. The black one mostly in the evening… the coloured ones.. all the time..


4. What is your favorite accessory?

.. I collect vintage clutches and love all of them…


4. What is your most important piece of make-up?

.. RED RED RED Lipstick.


5. What is most important to you, when you decide what to wear?

.. That I feel comfortable.

6. The favorite item in your wardrobe?

.. Beside my vintage Leather coats, it’s actually your black blouse..


7. Your biggest fashion mistake?

.. Had many crazy fashion sessions, but no regret.


8. What is your best styling advice?

.. Be yourself.


9 What top are you missing in your wardrobe?

.. More blouses from 7 Chic Avenue in another 20 colours ;-)

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